Application Services

Application Services

We deliver apps that people love to access. AVGI - your agile software Development Company.

AVGI has earned a dignified niche in the global arena for providing world-class app development solution in the terms of quality and cost. Outsourcing software application development and maintenance is on the rise as it can be more efficient. All you need to have is the right managing partner who values time and the ROI. AVGI's application services includes the entire application life cycle and include application development, application maintenance, application support, application integration and modernization, and the overall application management.

Our developers are adept at the use of various development methodologies such as RAD, scrum and agile and other lightweight methodologies. Our best of breed processes help in on time, on budget, and quality services to our customers.

Application Development

Organizations need custom made, scalable, and secure applications to meet their unique business demands cost-effectively. AVGI's application development services leverage modern software architecture and technology standards to design, build, test, deploy, and maintain custom applications.

AVGI follows total quality management concepts and CMMI assured practices, being a CMMI-Dev Maturity Level 5 certified organization. Our Centers of Excellence for Microsoft, Java, Cloud and Mobile collaborate with application developers to ensure our customers get the best solution possible. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we work closely with Microsoft to provide consultancy and development expertise for all Microsoft technology projects. Our close alliance with Microsoft enables us implement innovative Microsoft technologies, so that our clients benefit directly from the latest technology developments. We focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs to provide flexible and customizable costing and engagement models.

Application Enhancement & Maintenance

Over the years AVGI has entered Application Enhancement and maintenance space by acquiring essential technical knowledge and skillsets, and subsequently created its own framework around the process. Our experts address key issues like reducing Total Cost Ownership, slicing-down application downtimes and enhancing legacy systems without compromising on productivity or business flow. We have rich and diverse applications intelligence that ensures that your applications are maintained properly through offshore-ability analysis and maintainability-analysis.

Application Modernization

In order to cater the current digital savvy users, businesses need more efficient, secure and high performance access to the systems. Complex legacy applications inhibit the ability to increase efficiency and responsiveness, and make it difficult to reduce the time-to-market. AVGI's application modernization solutions can help clients rapidly modernize and integrate legacy applications with new systems of engagement.

AVGI applies extensive industry and technology expertise to help transform legacy applications into highly integrated and flexible applications. Our services enable targeted transformation initiatives, allowing clients to better align their IT investments with business objectives over time. Our services enable reuse of the application, this will lower risk, cost and time-to-market.

Mobile Applications

Do you have the idea for the big app? We at AVGI have an amazing team to develop it.

AVGI has a stupendous skill in implementing unified, mobile ready platforms for customers in critical domains. We develop applications on various platforms such as Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows mobile. When you choose AVGI, you are partnering with most cost-effective team that has been designing and developing feature-rich mobile apps for years. We hire the most intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile apps developers and provide on-demand capacity to help you meet challenges, deadlines to the marketplace.

No matter which business domain your idea falls upon, we will make it happen.


We at AVGI understand the importance of adopting the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery methodology. Based on the concepts of sharing, collaboration, measurement, and automation, DevOps breaks down silos, eliminates bottlenecks, and raises efficiency. Inspired by the lean and agile movements, DevOps is all about continual improvement. Going all the way from vision to strategy to roadmap to operations, AVGI can help you get going with DevOps. Implementing DevOps may require making changes to technology and processes. With our DevOps toolkit comprising best practices, processes, and tools and frameworks, we will help you navigate these changes, so as to realize continuous, accelerated flows, moving development from unwieldy release cycles to an agile methodology, ultimately scaling DevOps from individual teams to the entire enterprise.

About Us

Avgi Solutions is an IT Solutions and services Company focused in creating and providing customized solutions and value to mid-sized and large organisations towards their IT needs through innovative & customized solutions addressing their business needs.

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AVGI has earned a dignified niche in the global arena for providing world-class app development solution in the terms of quality and cost. Outsourcing software application development and maintenance is on the rise as it can be more efficient.

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