This is an era of digital transformation. Business success demands enhanced customer experience, faster delivery of services/products to customers, enhanced process transparency and better compliance levels. By investing in innovative technologies businesses can ensure continuous adaptation to changes and also avoid large recurring investments in restructuring their IT infrastructure.


  • Consistent Delivery through strict SLA adherence and processes
  • ITIL Framework based Delivery Management
  • High availability

Cost Effectiveness

  • Flexible Workload Management
  • Flexible Pricing Model
  • Optimizing IT usage

Low Risk

  • Easy entry & exit (knowledge transfer & reverse knowledge transfer)
  • Operational transparency (all activities in the trouble ticketing tool available to client)
  • Access to co-located technical expertise/talent without violating IPR

End-point engagement

  • Software distribution from single console, policy based distribution
  • Centrally managed end point security
  • Asset inventory and management
  • Responsive and remote IT support
  • Security compliance audit
  • Software License Compliance Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Key Offerings

Cloud Assessment Services :

AVGI considers the effort in terms of cost, time taken for the migration of the applications, and risk and we build a suitable road map for application migration and the target architecture for applications. AVGI also helps a customer understand cloud readiness of its IT environment and establish an appropriate cloud migration road map.

Cloud migration services :

AVGI offers offers transformation of nonfunctional aspects of those applications — configuration, caching, deployment, and application distribution — in target cloud environments such as Windows Azure, Amazon cloud, and even private cloud.

Private/hybrid cloud creation and operation services :

For organizations that wish to create a private or hybrid cloud environment either on-premises or in vendor locations for production, development, and testing purposes, we offer services that set up tools and processes and operate the environment based on the service catalogue.

Cloud integration as a service :

AVGI offers services to integrate infrastructure & applications, both on premise and cloud.

Key Differentiators

Compliance :

AVGI understands the customer concerns on security and compliance requirements when evaluating a cloud strategy.

Pricing clarity :

AVGI provides a great deal of visibility and clarity in how the services and support items are billed to customers, thus minimizing the possibilities of vagueness and the element of surprise when receiving the bill.

Ease of migration :

AVGI cloud assessment services come bundled as a value add that helps in analyzing the cloud readiness of customer environment.

About Us

Avgi Solutions is an IT Solutions and services Company focused in creating and providing customized solutions and value to mid-sized and large organisations towards their IT needs through innovative & customized solutions addressing their business needs.

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