Software Product Engineering

Software Product Engineering

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This is an era of advanced technologies, aggrandized designs, surpassing quality and improved user experience in products. In order to keep up with the ongoing demand the product companies are on the roll for innovation, re-engineering, process optimization, customization and cost rationalization.

AVGI is an acclaimed software product engineering services and technology solutions company with an affluent heritage of collaborative, offshore and outsourced product development. We underpin the entire gamut of product lifecyle - from concepts, design, implementation, validation to support, sustenance and monetization. We have what it takes to deliver the high-quality products and solutions - engineering talent, domain experience, world-class processes and advanced technology expertise.

AVGI offers end to end engineering services for swift product launches, cost-effective Lifecyle management and upgraded customer experience.

Discover how AVGI partners with your enterprise to build lucrative products and services.

  • Software Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Re-engineering

Software Development

AVGI understands the prevailing aggressive competition and hence we work towards the path complemented by advanced by cutting edge of technology, spanning web-based, non-web-based, mobile and cloud-based technologies, with an emphasis on continuous upgradation of skills and technologies. The 360 degree AVGI team of expertise spans the software development lifecycle right from requirements gathering, through project planning, architecture & designing, coding, testing and deployment phases. This furnishes economies of scale for clients and creates a single point of accountability.

Software Maintenance

AVGI helps your product gain the competitive edge, integrate the operations and improve the profitability. We provide solutions to all the cornerstones of the lifecycle management. If any changes are proposed to a system, AVGI does the impact analysis of these changes using its proven skills. We use the outcome of this analysis to project the propagated effects to the other parts of the system. You can seamlessly synchronize and optimize critical business processes throughout the service continuum. We deliver continuity & consistency.

Software Re-engineering

AVGI creates value beyond traditional break/fix methods with new service offers designed to increase uptime, productivity and operator performance.

We have a justified re-engineering methodology that appraises the investments in legacy systems by thoroughly analyzing the legacy application set and business logic, and then mining with a tool-based approach. Our re-engineering methodology comprises data migration, technology migration system using tool-based reverse engineering, and forward engineering. All these ensure a smooth transition process.

About Us

Avgi Solutions is an IT Solutions and services Company focused in creating and providing customized solutions and value to mid-sized and large organisations towards their IT needs through innovative & customized solutions addressing their business needs.

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AVGI is an acclaimed product engineering services and technology solutions company with an affluent heritage of collaborative, offshore and outsourced product development. We underpin the entire gamut of product Lifecyle.

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